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A message from the Dev Team

From MercurySteam we want to say that the health of our workers is our absolute priority. In order to minimize the impact of COVID-19, MercurySteam is implementing remote work policies, paid leaves and all the methodologies within our reach to protect the health of our workers and their families, so that we can continue our […]

Lycus Dion’s new weapon KARMA! AVAILABLE NOW!!

Karma roulette is a game undesirables use to resolve their disputes. The rules are very simple: the participants shoot at each other with Karma, a revolver with a powder chamber in the cylinder that may or may not explode with any shot. The winner is the last one left standing. Lycus holds the record for […]

PARTNER vs DEVS now on Youtube!

Want to watch the dev vs partners epic fight? Let’s be clear, we let them win (lie). Bye to our esports carreer