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P. A. L. Episode 3

In the past week’s episode, Lamdmotor archived 3 wins and 3 defeats, so he has 6 points! Do you think that being an antagonist is an easy task, well… is not. You can watch how he did here! Don’t you know what is an Antagonist? Check out this week’s episode at S33GEN_’s Twitch Channel on June 19th (10am […]


The new Samus Aran adventure, Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch is finally here! We are excited to share with the world what we have been cooking, taking part in development with Nintendo! The best part is that you can enjoy it this October! With all our love. Discover more at https://metroid.nintendo.com/


(Cortez Voice)* Let’s check out how you did! HANGING BY A THREAD 1. Canard (343 points) 2. E.D.E.N.: (329 points) 3. TOMASZ WIECH (318 points) IN SHOCK 1. E.D.E.N. (192 points) 2. UNHAPPY F@C€ (173 points) 3. TOMASZ WIECH (169 points) A BREATH OF HOPE 1. TOMASZ WIECH (388 points) 2. E.D.E.N. (233 points) 3. […]