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Aneska Now Available In Spacelords

After her defeat at the hands of the Raiders, Aneska found herself alone in a hostile planet. After considering her options and reuniting with her loyal war machine, Aneska decided that the time had come to fight for a cause she deemed worth fighting for. She grudgingly admired Harec’s courage and skill as a leader. […]

SpaceGuilds Available Now!

SpaceGuilds, the first milestone in Spacelords’ ambitious Roadmap is now available. This new, game-changer feature is now available for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam players of MercurySteam’s 4 v 1 Free to Play shooter. Upon creating a new SpaceGuild, players will be able to team-up with friends and fight for […]

Stefanie Joosten joins Spacelords!

MercurySteam is working with actress and model Stefanie Joosten on the creation of a brand-new playable character for Spacelords! This new character will be available in Early 2019. “I met with several MercurySteam team members at a gaming convention last year, where I had the chance to play Spacelords for the first time and was […]