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Spacelords Lore 01: The Broken Planet

In the Lira Constellation, 25 light years far from Earth, there is a broken planet; Its countless fragments still orbit the nearby sun and most are inhabitable, but their fate is sealed; sooner or later they will be scattered through space, losing their atmosphere and becoming silent rocks drifting away forever. Thousands of years ago, […]


The GUILD CLASH has finished! (Cortez Voice)* Let’s check out how you did! HANGING BY A THREAD 1. E.D.E.N. (331 points) 2. Pizza (316 points) 3. CONTRA KAI (267 points) SHORT-FUSED 1. Pizza (195 points) 2. Is KP Farming (100 points) 3. Agora (88 points) NO RESERVATIONS 1. E.D.E.N. (201 points) 2. Pizza (194 points) […]

The Raiders jump into other games!

SegaSlash is one of our most recent partners, he recreates the Spacelord’s characters in other games like Soul Calibur VI. So let me introduce you to you… The Battle for the Alep! And also, can you imagine Aneska in code Vein? Here is an extra video for you 😀 See you soon, Spacelords!