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Doldren Leaves His Bloody Mark on the Broken Planet.

A new playable character joins Raiders of the Broken Planet; the deranged assassin Doldren. This heartless killer can now be recruited by all players. Doldren is a native to the Broken Planet but, unlike Harec or Iune who reluctantly abandoned their people’s peaceful ways to take arms against the Terran invasion, Doldren is considered an […]

H.I.V.E. Infects Her Way Through the Broken Planet

The Umbra Wardogs awaken a violent creature in the depths of the old Uddas Nassar Temple on the Broken Planet. With blood and sweat, they manage to capture her and take her to General Marmalade, who decided to use her as a weapon. But one day, without warning, the creature broke the chains and escaped, […]

Critical appraisal for Metroid: Samus Returns

Metroid: Samus Returns by MercurySteam has received critical praise since it was released on September 15, and the team couldn’t be happier about it! So far, the game has gathered several awards from some of the most prestigious publications and gaming events: Best Handheld Game Category on The Games Awards 2017. Best Handheld Game Category […]