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(Cortez Voice)* Let’s check out how you did! HANGING BY A THREAD 1. Cryp7ic Lords (290 points) 2. King’s of Death (278 points) 3. Eclipse (208 points) THE MOUSE AND THE SNAKE 1. Eclipse  (111 points) 2. БРO SQUAD (32 points) 3. BeautyInblack (28 points) WHITE NOISE 1. Barney Wiki (218 points) 2. БРO SQUAD […]

Spacelords Lore 14: Iune

Iune spent hours navigating the Aleph flow. As the Anhauarii, she could visit remote times and places, periods and stories not even known that anyone would find fascinating. But she’s not just anyone. Unlike other Weavers, Iune never stopped to observe anything in particular. No. She simply wandered through time, letting the voices of the […]