🏋️More Workout Info!!🏋️‍♂️

Available from 25th till the 27 Sep.

When we thought about the “Workout!” special event, the first thing that came to our minds was, of course, loadout creation and configuration.

Our main goal was to draw players to characters they never used before. That way they’ll turn up more competitive against a variety of situations and increase your guild score in this clash cycle!

That’s why we gave you all you need to take your chances or, of course, increase the strength of your main!


By giving the player base 50% more Faction Points, a reduction of the 50% of card upgrade costs, and both the costs and forging time of talent cards reduced by 50%.

All of these rewards were given thanks to the enormous interaction you guys created towards the Tweet we made. Because as you already know by now, the fun thing about Special events is that you can customize your own experience via Social Media!!

*Be reminded that the Special Events won’t have any visual representation on the UI. These changes will be automatically applied to the FP acquisition and the Talent upgrade and forging costs.