Claim the Juiciest Rewards With the New Prizes Galore Update for Spacelords!

MercurySteam Adds New Gameplay Mechanics and Daily Rewards to its Free to Play 4 v 1 Shooter

Independent development studio MercurySteam launched today Prizes Galore, the new game update for its free to play shooter Spacelords. This latest expansion includes new features that will improve the players’ experience, like the new daily rewards or the addition of a new gameplay feature: the Aleph Drop System.

With the arrival of Prizes Galore, players will be able to queue for any mission they wish for since rewards are no longer mission dependent. This gives the matchmaking system more flexibility, and offers more freedom to the players when choosing the mission they wish to play.

The biggest change, however, introduced by the Prizes Galore update is that players will no longer lose any rewards when they fail a mission, as they will now be stored in the Accumulated Pot. They will have a second chance to get them the next day they play.

But the Prizes Galore update also introduces a very important change in a gameplay mechanic, with the Aleph Drop System. Players will now have the option to drop the Aleph energy they obtain during the game. These Aleph Gems could then be picked up by other players, or be triggered to explode, giving players a wider range of tactical options.

“The main goal of the Prizes Galore update is to provide players with more flexibility to play Spacelords,” commented Enric Álvarez, Game Director. “All the changes included in this update have been designed based on the feedback obtained from our loyal community, who desired to receive more incentives and rewards for playing the game regularly, as well as a more optimized matchmaking system.”

Spacelords is as a Free to Play gaming experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10. Prizes Galore, the latest major game update is available today for all users. For more information, visit Spacelords’ website: