Hot News: PATCH NOTES 19!

Next update arrives on Monday 13/01/2020


Hi everyone and happy new year!

We’re glad to announce that the Epic Forge is just a few days away! This update will complete the process focused on weapon depth, initiated with the Heavy Metal update. The Epic Forge brings new forms of gameplay and will change the way you forge weapons, alongside some other interesting stuff. Let’s begin!

This update offers new and refreshing gameplay through the new Epic Weapon Properties. You will be able to poison your enemies, acquire Aleph from a long distance or invoke magic seals to improve your damage. You can combine several of these properties into the same weapon!

– 12 new weapon properties have been added to the game (9 offensive + 3 utility).
– Weapons’ progression has been adjusted in order to give these new epic properties a significant power budget.
– Bounty Hunter, Affiliation and Treasure Hunter properties now also proggresively increase the Radar’s detection range.
– Hero Killer, Exterminator and Dynamic properties have been removed from the game.

The Forge have been improved with the new Mod system, which brings depth and skill to forging your weapons. There are more than 40 different Mods to combine, they add (or substract!) power level from each Epic Property available to the weapon being forged. They can even reduce forging costs or boost other Mods’ effects! The possibilites are uncountable.

– Epic properties can be added to a weapon by using the new Mod System.
– These Mods can be obtained by spending the new “Kill Points” currency.
– Players gain a different number of Kill Points depending on which enemy they eliminate.

We’re remaking the grapple melee attack to be a more choiceful source of interesting and unexpected outcomes

– Grabs are no longer lethal. Instead, now they throw the enemies far away.
– If an enemy is thrown against a wall, they will suffer damage.

Enemy strike damage has been changed around all difficulties to accommodate for the lower lethality of grabs. Each enemy’s relative melee damage has been tweaked:

– Grunt melee damage is now 45% lower than Elite Assault melee damage (down from 10% lower)
– Elite Officer melee damage is now 13% lower than Elite Assault melee damage (used to be the same before this)
– Elite Sniper melee damage is now 25% lower than Elite Assault melee damage (used to be the same before this)

Enemy health has been changed to accommodate for the lower lethality of grabs. Shooter-damage effective health points are kept the same but melee-damage effective health points have been modified as such:

– Fifth Council Elite Assault melee-damage effective health points have been lowered by 22%
– Hades Division Elite Assault melee-damage effective health points have been lowered by 31%
– Hades Division Elite Officer melee-damage effective health points have been lowered by 22%
– Umbra Wardog Elite Sniper melee-damage effective health points have been increased by 33%

We’ve revisited many weapons’ visual effects to provide more clarity to the action happening on screen.

– All weapons’ VFX have been revised and many – MANY- of them have been tuned to reduce the visual contamination/excessive shining.
– In-game camera shakes have been reduced

– Greatly decreased Hyperbel’s range (-50%)

– Increased Rock&Roll’s range (+10%)

– Increased Spinning Coin’s damage (+10%)

– Increased Cookie’s damage (+10%)
– Increased Bubble Gum’s damage (+10%)

– Increased Shy’s swarm damage (+15%)
– Greatly increased Shy’s reload speed (+20%)
– Increased Wasp’s damage at full charge (+15%)

– Increased Aura Mortis’ damage (+10%)
– Increased Aura Moris’ reload speed (+10%)

– Decreased KLT-13’s damage (-10%)
– Decreased KLT-13’s firing rate (-10%)

– Greatly decreased A’si Dagan’s fire rate (-20%)

– Decreased Rain of Fire’s damage (-10%)


– Fixed a bug where assigning forge points to weapons wouldn’t play their characteristic note/sound. The old pentatonic scale has also been replaced by Spacelords’ iconic main theme melody.
– Fixed a bug in which Hans would drop an Aleph gem in the ground instead of throwing it whle using the jetpack.
– Fixed a bug in which players killed by overgrown Acolytes would not drop their Aleph gem to the ground in The Enemy Within.
– Fixed a bug in which Local and Hades Division playable characters weren’t able to finish reloading their weapon while sprinting.