🎨 September COMMUNITY ART!! 🎨

  Want to brag about being the arty one in your family? Well, welcome to Spacelords’ digital museum! 😏 We change the exhibition every month so you better hurry to click on the link down here 👇👇    

️ Notes about the Great Clash!

Hello everyone! Fancy news! Next week, on Wednesday the 16th we’ll be releasing THE GREAT CLASH: an amazing update in which you’ll be able to fight other guilds to earn your spot on the Broken Planet! Do you wonder how does it work? We got you covered! The great clash is a monthly competition between all […]

🔥100% MMR Partners Challenge!🔥

It was hell, as you guys demanded and expected xD Did you miss it? Don’t worry! Our partners got you covered! Click here to watch @TheBrentWoody ‘s video!   Click here to watch @MaccDB’s video!  Wanna participate in CRAZY challenges just like this one? We have an amazing partner program waiting for you! Send us a […]

MSE Story: Darío Halle

Dario Halle is MercurySteam’s lead programmer. He is also one of the founders of the company and one of the cleverest people we know. This upper step of human knowledge didn’t stop him to answer our mundane questions. What was the first game you ever played? Hum… My kid asked me that very same question […]

ADVANCE on Loath bug

Hello everyone! We have taken action against the infinite Loath bug. We are also working on a fix it. Be reminded that Spacelord is a game that requires everyone to follow the rules. Any other action would mean an infringement of the EULA and will be severely punished. If you detect this very same or a similar […]

Updates, Curiosities and Laura

Can you believe that several weapons were reworked again and again? Watch this live stream to know more curiosities of Spacelords!

Did you lose levels?

We have received reports this last 3 months about players losing levels. The truth is that we are still investigating the origin of this level massacre. But we want to do something about it. So we decided to compensate all the people affected by it. They will receive gold and XPBoostx2 in considering the levels […]


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