Spacelords Lore 02: The Protectors

They are the remainings of a forbidden kind, the guardians of the Old World.

The collective feeling of guilt was overwhelming and the survivors decided that the only way to continue would be to start over. To do that, they would first give up all philosophy, science and technology that would glorify or enable the expansion and dominion over other cultures, races or lifeforms. Second, applying strict birth control and genetic engineering to the embryos of their species, they would progressively roll back the genes responsible for their territorial nature, the desire to conquer, indifference to the suffering of others, cruelty, etc., until those urges were eradicated in the future. Those who didn’t agree with those principles were exiled from the Planet.

Today, hundreds of thousands of years later, this is widely known by all on the Broken Planet. What only a few know is that a group of scientists and intellectuals from back then thought that The Legacy of the Old World shouldn’t be lost; that one day in the distant future, when civilization was at peace with itself, The Legacy could be used for good. Maybe then everything would be different; maybe then they would use that power with greater care…

The so-called Protectors would be responsible for that work: After gathering all of the knowledge from the Old World, the Protectors encoded it and secretly entered it into the Aleph subatomic structure. The lineage of the Protectors would, over the centuries, guard the keys that would enable them to extract that knowledge one day, in a more favorable future: Three Protectors for Thee Keys.

Today, Harec is one of the few who knows about this. He also knows that the human invaders cannot return to their planet -the mother ship was damaged on its arrival- and that they are probably already aware of the existence of the 3 Protectors. It’s just a matter of time before one of the human factions finds them, figures out how to extract the Old World Legacy and deciphers the Warp Drive Technology that the Legacy contains. The faction that does so will be able to travel to Earth and return with a larger army that will be able to defeat the remaining factions, conquer the Broken Planet and control the only known source of Aleph in the Universe. So Harec must find the Protectors before the humans do…

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