Spacelords Lore 04: Shae

Feared and respected by her enemies, only a fool would think Shae was an easy target.


Father, Mother; as much as you insist on denying reality, these are not times of peace.

Our land’s leaders are either gone or have surrendered to the invader forces. The few that still hold some voice and power among us, keep on saying that subjugation is our only option. And, while this happens, we are letting our own planet bleed to death at the hands of impious invaders from beyond the stars, who have stained our fields and people with smoke, bullets and desolation. I can not take this anymore.

I am writing you today in order to tell you I have chosen the path of the warrior. I am leaving to the lands of Shuuk-Neh, where master Nelidas has accepted to take me as his disciple.

I know this news will not please you, and that it will make the name of this unfaithful Custodia Prime be erased from the family memory. Do it without hesitation. My conscience is clear, knowing that my cause is just, and that little Mae will be able to fill the void caused by my absence. Nevertheless, I have to ask you for one last favor: Before forbidding her to pronounce my name ever again, I beg you to tell her that her elder sister will always love her, no matter what. I just pray that one day you will understand my decision.

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