Spacelords Lore 12: Uras Beherit (II)

When he awoke, Me’er descended in silence into the uncharted depths of the temple. Something inside him guided him. Hours later, Me’er stopped in front of a giant bas-relief carved on the wall. In the middle, a disturbing organic figure extended its tentacles left and right, with scenes of the ancient ones’ daily life. At first glance, it seemed that each scene had an almost perfect reflection on the other side. Me’er wanted to look at one of the scenes more closely, and that was when he saw a dark Figure lumbering towards him.

The Figure stopped very close to him and stood level with his head, making a vaguely anthropomorphic form. Me’er was not afraid and he felt that the creature was trying to communicate with him. A familiar voice seemed to come from the being: “Give me your hands, I need to see your memories.” Me’er obeyed and as soon as his hands touched The Figure, it pounced on Me’er like a powerful boa constrictor. Me’er closed his eyes involuntarily, but he could still see his entire life in an instant. Memories, experiences and feelings welled up from the very depths of his being… And a second later, nothing. The Figure had let him go and returned to its place. The entire process lasted no more than a second. Me’er opened his eyes and saw The Figure take on a human form… Me’er feel to his knees on the floor when he saw who it was.

It was his son standing before him. Me’er jumped up and hugged him tightly. It was like waking up from a horrible nightmare; an instant of intense, overwhelming happiness at once again touching and smelling someone who had gone forever. Me’er let himself go and lost all sense of time. But the whirlwind of emotions began to fade, giving way to reason and his senses. A few moments later, a shiver ran through Me’er’s body as he realized that his son had not hugged him back… Me’er took a step back; the boy wasn’t even looking at him. Then something shone on the mural. A strange light flowed from inside the stone and slid through the bas-reliefs, showing details that had been hidden before. The boy shifted his dead stare towards the mural; Me’er did the same and stifled a shout of horror when he realized what it really showed.

Now Me’er clearly saw what he only sensed before in the semi-darkness of the temple. The scenes shown on the left of the mural were repeated on the right. But if on one side a figure was plowing a field, on the other it was mutilating the animal. If a figure looked to be caring for a beggar, on the other side it disemboweled them… Stunned, Me’er looked at his son who, for the first time, looked back and spoke to him in his own voice: “Don’t worry, Dad, close your eyes…” The boy repeated the phrase while his arms, which had turned into tentacles, stretched out and slithered towards his father. Me’er didn’t care anymore. There was nothing left for him in this life. The dark Figure had returned his son’s voice to him for an instant, and when one of the tentacles pierced his heart, Me’er wasn’t really there anymore.

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