Spacelords Lore 14: Iune

“You will fear the Anhauarii, you will fear the Alep Weaver, or you will become her puppet”.

Iune spent hours navigating the Aleph flow. As the Anhauarii, she could visit remote times and places, periods and stories not even known that anyone would find fascinating. But she’s not just anyone. Unlike other Weavers, Iune never stopped to observe anything in particular. No. She simply wandered through time, letting the voices of the past, present and future –the Distant Ones, as she called them– combine and become pure noise. Anyone would have called her reckless. Playing with Aleph this way was dangerous. But Iune never cared too much about the unwritten rules of the Weavers. In the end, they were all hermits and lived alone. Who was going to tell her what she could or could not do?
One day she decided to go further. Navigating where no one had gone before. Iune let the flow drift her without a course, but always in the same direction. The voices of the Distant Ones became echoes, and then whispers. Until they could no longer be heard.[[CR]]With no sounds to guide her, Iune decided to look. Nothing. She was in the most absolute darkness. She wasn’t even able to feel time. It was like… she didn’t exist.
And then it happened.
– Iune…
The Weaver jumped.
– Who are you?
– Don’t you recognize me, Iune? I am the time that passes and will pass. I am everything and nothing. I am and I am not. I am the Aleph.

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