H.I.V.E. Infects Her Way Through the Broken Planet

H.I.V.E. can be recruited now for use in all Raiders of the Broken Planet campaigns.

The Umbra Wardogs awaken a violent creature in the depths of the old Uddas Nassar Temple on the Broken Planet. With blood and sweat, they manage to capture her and take her to General Marmalade, who decided to use her as a weapon. But one day, without warning, the creature broke the chains and escaped, disemboweling anyone who tried to stop her.

Nobody knows about H.I.V.E.’s origins, nor why she chose to join Harec’s Raiders and their rebellion against the invading humans, but there’s no doubt about this creature’s lethality. H.I.V.E. infects every weapon she touches, using them to impregnate enemies with pheromones. Then, the insect colony inhabiting her body, attracted by those pheromones, leeches away all the target’s life, returning to H.I.V.E.’s body and replenishing her own health.