Spacelords Identity Giant Update is Here!

Independent development studio MercurySteam launched today Spacelords Identity, the new game update for its free to play shooter Spacelords. This latest expansion adds a huge range of new content to the game, including the hotly awaited Space Shop. The Space Shop offers a wide range of cosmetic customization for all the Spacelords character, making sure […]

Aneska Now Available In Spacelords

After her defeat at the hands of the Raiders, Aneska found herself alone in a hostile planet. After considering her options and reuniting with her loyal war machine, Aneska decided that the time had come to fight for a cause she deemed worth fighting for. She grudgingly admired Harec’s courage and skill as a leader. […]

SpaceGuilds Available Now!

SpaceGuilds, the first milestone in Spacelords’ ambitious Roadmap is now available. This new, game-changer feature is now available for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam players of MercurySteam’s 4 v 1 Free to Play shooter. Upon creating a new SpaceGuild, players will be able to team-up with friends and fight for […]

Stefanie Joosten joins Spacelords!

MercurySteam is working with actress and model Stefanie Joosten on the creation of a brand-new playable character for Spacelords! This new character will be available in Early 2019. “I met with several MercurySteam team members at a gaming convention last year, where I had the chance to play Spacelords for the first time and was […]

Spacelords Out Now!

Spacelords is now available as a Free to Play game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows10. Also available today is the game’s epic fourth campaign, Council Apocalypse, which closes Spacelords’ first story arc. “Launching Spacelords as a F2P game is a titanic endeavor for an independent studio like MercurySteam,” comments Enric Álvarez, Spacelords […]

Raiders of the Broken Planet Reborns as Spacelords

Independent development studio MercurySteam today revealed ground-breaking changes to their self-published shooter-brawler game. From August 23rd, Raiders of the Broken Planet is reborn as Spacelords, and becomes a totally Free to Play gaming experience. These changes coincide with the launch of the much awaited fourth campaign, Council Apocalypse, completing the first arc of Spacelords’ epic storyline. Council […]

The Galaxy’s Deadliest Hunter Arrives on the Broken Planet

MercurySteam announces today that a new playable character is joining Raiders of the Broken Planet, the galaxy’s most renowned hunter Rak Mayura. This new Raider belongs to the Umbra Wardogs faction and is the last character to be released as part of Raiders of the Broken Planet´s third campaign, Hades Betrayal. Rak can be recruited […]

Teenage Wunderkind with a Gun: Schneider Hacks his way into Raiders of the Broken Planet

A new playable character is joining Raiders of the Broken Planet: the psycho-nerd hacker Schneider. This new Raider is the latest character to be released as part of Raiders of the Broken Planet´s third campaign, Hades Betrayal, and can be recruited by all players, irrespective of which campaign they own. Know-it-all, rude, bratty and far […]

Official Companion App for Raiders of the Broken Planet

Today we announced that the Raiders of the Broken Planet Official Companion App is now available for free on the Apple Store and the Android Marketplace. Now, Raiders of the Broken Planet fans can enjoy instant access to all the news, special events announcements, and the game’s rich lore and character background information, never missing […]