On Scrapland Remastered visual improvements

We would like to show a quick comparison between how the OG game was and how the remastered has enhanced these two features.

The OG textures were small and compressed .dds files that didn’t allow any improvements, so we dug into old hard drives to find the original artist files and upscaled them using AI software. After that we fished them with manual retouches.

(Clic the images to enlarge)

OG Game

Remastered Version – Note how the walls and the cockpit changes a lot!

OG Game

Remastered Version – The character’s back has more definition, but also small details are essential, take a look at the flowerpots.

Also, lightmaps have been improved. Now they have more shadow detail and more light sources. In 2004 (the original game’s release year), the tech limitations didn’t make these long calculations possible, but today it is!

OG Game

Remastered Version – Can you see how now the colored light baths all the scenes? The maps feel more immersive than ever!

OG Game

Remastered Version – Now, the neon light bounces the walls and creates this cool sci-fi ambient!

We know that most of you are very passionate about Scrapland, and you would love to see much more features in the game, but please remember that this is not a Remake. This is a Remaster, so most part o the game code and tech are the same as the OG game. Our main goal was to adapt it to modern computers, fix the issues that this process causes (like shadow’s flickering), and recover Scrapland on a playable way.

¡Enjoy the D-Tritus adventure!