You have an appointment this weekend with the #RaidersBeta

Raiders of the Broken Planet has achieved a major milestone with a solid base of players and fans signing up and participating in our closed betas. So, we want to celebrate with you! We’d like to encourage you to share with us your top moves, funny moments and best matches, and you can do so on Twitter using the #RaidersBeta hashtag! […]

Next part of the discussion on “Game Design Innovation” in the Raiders universe!

Our fourth developer diary for Raiders of the Broken Planet is now out. This video, along with the previous third developer diary, asks the question – does the world need another shooter? In the first part Game Designer, Joan Amat, and Gameplay Programmer, Hernan Ojuel, guided us through the systems underpinning Raiders Of The Broken […]

Raiders of the Broken Planet BETA introduces a brand new mission!

This is a seriously challenging mission where you need to find the second protector! Its’ tough, it’s merciless and its going to push you guys to the absolute limit, so bring your A game or hide in a corner dribbling… The beta starts this Saturday 29th July at 09.00AM Europe/CEST to Sunday 30th 19.00PM. US servers will go […]

In her darkest hour

Alicia and her friends admired General Marmalade and enthusiastically embraced the addiction to Aleph plasma that he proclaimed. But one day it went too far and Alicia decided to leave the General. When she went back for her friends, she was acosted by a horde of Aleph fuelled subhuman abominations who got in her way. […]

Meet the Wardogs this weekend!

They are stronger than regular grunts and like to get in your face to use their melee skills and they recover their health constantly. Also, when they have an Aleph boost they can consume it to gain immunity for a short time…. making them very dangerous opponents! We need your help to continue testing this […]

Sakamoto talks about the process of making Metroid: Samus Returns

“There are a lot more abilities than were present in the original Metroid II …we have taken the abilities we had in the main titles and brought it into this game as well. There’s just more that these platforms can do. And of course, we also have the other main camera, which was suggested by our invaluable […]

Raiders of the Broken Planet BETA: Play a brand new mission this weekend!!

This weekend you will be able to discover one of the biggest secrets of the Broken Planet: The Protectors. If you complete the new mission called “A Breath of Hope” you will get to meet the first of these fabled protector and discover some previously secret stuff regarding the broken planet and the story behind the game! […]