EPIC FORGE Update Available NOW!

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that the EPIC FORGE update has finally set a foot in the Broken Planet!! 😱  Grab a weapon of your liking and make it legen (wait for it)…DARY! 👇 Check out the premiere vídeo here 👇  

Hot News: PATCH NOTES 19!

  Hi everyone and happy new year! We’re glad to announce that the Epic Forge is just a few days away! This update will complete the process focused on weapon depth, initiated with the Heavy Metal update. The Epic Forge brings new forms of gameplay and will change the way you forge weapons, alongside some […]

All about Epic Forge Update!

Missed our last streaming? Well, that´s too bad… But fear not, we got your back! We have giveaway codes for spread the Christmas spirit all over the Broken Planet! Check the video and redeem them before this Sunday.

Welcome to Winter Hunt

The cold is coming… Enceladus is coming! It’s time to prepare your weapons for the extreme weather conditions. The most prized catches of the xenohunters awaken from their summer slumber to feed and procreate. Just make sure they don’t do it at your expense and bundle up. – You can get new weapon skins as […]

Ghost Ship is here!

Deep-space voyagers know that if they ever listen to the music of the Requiem, they will never see another dawn. For days now, the wind has been carrying a mournful tune and the Raiders’ weapons have taken on a strange glow… The Requiem, the dark ship of Captain Salazar, is approaching the Broken Planet! New […]

Heavy Metal! Spacelords New Update

MercurySteam launch today ‘Heavy Metal’, the new game update for its Free to Play 4v1 shooter Spacelords, available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam. This much awaited update is designed to increase the weapon customization options for all players. The new Forge System allows players to build up to five different versions of the same weapon with […]

Spacelords, One of the Very First Games to feature Full Cross-Play

Independent development studio MercurySteam announced today that their Free to Play cooperative shooter Spacelords includes now full cross-play between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Steam. Spacelords becomes one of the very first games to include full cross-play, unifying all Spacelords players around the world regardless of the game system of their choice. This […]

Try the new Wormhole event on Spacelords

The movement of the stars causes capricious alignments, sometimes too improbable to believe that they are a coincidence. During the Crimson Conjunction, in which the universe turns red by the will of the god Fëhb, the souls in torment dream and relive the worst pain of their past…The Broken Planet turns red under the influence […]

The Master of Puppets update is now available on Spacelords!

Independent development studio MercurySteam launched today Master of Puppets, the fifth milestone in Spacelords’ Roadmap. This latest game update introduces two significant changes to the game: a new Antagonist Communication system and the Aleph Natural Deposits. This much requested update is available today for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam PC players […]

Sööma now available in Spacelords!

Independent development studio MercurySteam announced today that the newest character to join its Free to Play game Spacelords, Sööma, is available today. This valiant and devoted warrior-priest has been developed in conjunction with Dutch actress and model Stefanie Joosten, who lent her image and voice to bring Sööma to live. Sööma is part of the […]