Spacelords Lore 05: Schneider

Schneider is the kind of person you don’t want as your enemy. Nor as your friend, but in a lost festival in a galaxy far away!

The Last Barrier

There was a rumor going around the darkest reaches of the networks -those with reserved access for the elite of the elite, brilliant minds that competed night after night to obtain the juiciest information packages and break through the security of the servers of giant corporations, the bigger and richer the better. It was said that “something” had been discovered that came from beyond the stars, “something” that was not of our solar System, the existence of which could change the course of history.

It didn’t take Schneider long to find a trail to follow, and crumb after crumb, he broke and decrypted barriers that took him ever closer to the original source of information. Everything was a bed of roses for his nimble fingers, but soon he came up against an unexpected wall. A wince of concern came over his face as he discovered who the last data node belonged to: the Hades Division no less. Finally, a challenge worthy of his stature.

For the first time in a long time, faced with the challenge before him, Schneider dedicated himself 100% to the job of hacking. No longer did he think things like “piece of cake” or “take that, you bastards!”. Now, electrifying shivers ran down his spine, a feeling Schneider had never felt before.

Discovering a powerful alien power source called “Aleph” seemed like a pretty big deal, but now that he was on the Hades Division’s servers, why stop there? Packages of valuable information were copied frantically onto his highly encrypted storage discs. With this, now he could really live like a king for a decade, not to mention automatically becoming a legend.

It would have been the perfect hit had he not seen the security videos in the private quarters of the legendary, fearsome lieutenant Aneska. Schneider was left catatonic when he saw her naked in the videos, a woman with the most exceptional curves he’d ever seen before, and his adolescent mind could barely process it without crashing.

Those minutes were all the Division needed to trace and locate the intruder who, having forgotten his original objective, was now only interested in meeting that woman he’d fallen in love with.

Once again, Schneider was lost.

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