Spacelords Lore 08: Ayana

ARGH, sailor!!

The Black Ship (I)

To the right of the constellation of Ceres, right between the twin Tichy cumuli, a chase between space ships is underway. The one fleeing is the “New Exeter”, a ship under Captain Jenkins, with an elated Ayana at the helm. It’s been just two hours since the Exeter filled her holds after looting one of the ships of “The Swine”, dirty arms traffickers and now crying space castaways.Meanwhile, on the Swine ship, the captain was hopping mad. “That earthling pig is going to wish she was never born! FIRE all torpedoes, NOOOW!!!”. The Exeter’s communications officer sees the torpedoes on his screen. “Captain Jenkins, enemy torpedoes on a collision course!” Jenkins turns to Ayana, “We need your magic, Ayana!” She smiles and turns the rudder hard, shouting “Hang on tight, ballywaggers!!” The aft nozzles shut off and the lateral nozzles spew out plasma at high velocity, causing the Exeter to spin around. The aft nozzles switch on again with fury, and now the Exeter is heading towards the torpedoes.

In the Swine ship, the captain chews on his cigar on the bridge of the ship, unable to believe his eyes. “Who the hell is flying that ship, Mr. Magoo? This is going to be a piece of cake, mwhahahaha!!!” One of the deckhands approaches the captain and tries to warn him. “Sir, I believe they’re attempting the famous maneuver…” “Shut up, idiot!” The captain gives him a mighty blow, sending the deckhand flying, everyone on the bridge laughs. The captain has no doubt: “Not even Kwena’s ears will be left in one piece, a barrel of i-rum to whoever brings them to me!!” More revelry on the Swine bridge. Some even choke laughing.

Ayana knows that the success of her maneuver depends on precision. An initial glance at Captain Jenkins and he gives the order: “Bow hooks! On my mark!!”. Ayana’s hands steer the ship, her eyes fixed on the threat display, her lips murmuring figures: speed, trajectory, inclination, time… And then another glance at Jenkins. “Hooks away, nooow!!!”

The Swine’s bridge looks like a frat party. The face of the poor deckhand who was sent flying has swollen up like a balloon and he’s been left toothless, but the kid tries again, although he can barely be understood when he talks”… ir, …ey’re re..rning th.. …issiles t… us!” His shipmates don’t understand him and they make him repeat the sentence again and again, rolling with laughter each time. With his pride severely hurt, the deckhand gathers up his courage and with a final, monumental effort, he manages to articulate his words intelligibly: “You fucking idiots, we’re dead!! They’re returning the missiles to us!!!”

The Exeter’s hooks reach the missiles, Ayana pushes the rudder, the forward and aft nozzles synchronize, and the Exeter makes a full circle. The missiles, held by the hooks, follow the same trajectory and Jenkins releases them when they are aimed at the Swine ship.

On the swine’s bridge, they have finally understood the poor deckhand, and now they also see their own missiles headed straight for them. Nobody’s laughing anymore. On the main screen, incoming call from the Exeter, Ayana, smiling, “Cheer up, this won’t hurt a bit”… BOOM!

Wanna know more? Learn more in Ayana’s in-game UNIVERSE file!!