Spacelords Lore 08: Hans

He’s a man able to bring hell to an entire platoon and use that very fire to cook an amazing soup!


They were surrounded. Hans could hear his comrades screaming. They were calling for help. A drop of sweat rolled down his forehead, the air was unbearable. The smoke at his back made it hard to breathe, and when he went to move, a burst of flame blocked his path.
“Damn it”.
I had to do something. He was the veteran there, and his comrades needed him to step up. He might not be the fastest, but he had more experience than all those rookies combined. He got up with determination and started to give orders. Everyone would get out of there unharmed
– Jimmy! The broth is burning, damn it! Turn down the heat or we’ll all end up crying from the smoke…!
… Sebastián! The frying pan! Take it off the fire before we all get burned…!
… Everyone else! Those onions aren’t going to chop themselves!! Damn it! There’s an entire squadron headed to the canteen! Do you want them to starve to death? MOVE IT!!
The recruits obeyed without a word. They needed a leader, that was all. Little by little, the kitchen began to work with order and the dishes started to come out. Hans smiled to himself.
They’d done it. “Damn recruits… they remind me of myself when I was young.”

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