Spacelords Lore 10: Doldren

Pariah… That word: “pariah”. Filled with just indignation. Oh, how my peers enjoy it! The false pity reflected in their eyes when they looked at me. Pity! For me! The livestock shouldn’t feel pity for the predator. They are slaves of their fears, of their passiveness. And I’m the one who has to pay the price for being brave enough to live without limits? Master Nelidas, that lowborn old man, dares to say that I sully the teachings of Naah-Kduh. What’s wrong with testing my skills against those who are unworthy, against the lower castes? No one will miss them. At least no one who matters… They should feel honored that their deaths have meant much more than everything they’ve achieved in their miserable lives. And what deaths! Each one, a work of art, exquisite agony, an exhibition of lethal talent painted with each precious drop of blood on the canvass of their pain. But these wimps can’t see beyond their own weakness. They should worship me for my talent. But what is my reward? The Pit of Repudiation. They don’t even have the courage to take my life. They prefer to throw me into oblivion, where my presence won’t disturb their ridiculous feelings. But they won’t be able to forget. I won’t let them forget my name.

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