Spacelords Out Now!

Spacelords’ 4th Campaign, Council Apocalypse, also Available Today.

Spacelords is now available as a Free to Play game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows10. Also available today is the game’s epic fourth campaign, Council Apocalypse, which closes Spacelords’ first story arc.

“Launching Spacelords as a F2P game is a titanic endeavor for an independent studio like MercurySteam,” comments Enric Álvarez, Spacelords Game Director. “Working on all the changes the fanbase wanted and producing four lengthy campaigns at the same time is a testament to MercurySteam’s continued commitment to Spacelords and its loyal community, and this is only the beginning – we already have plans for adding a wealth of new content to the game in the following months.”

Any player can now join this epic sci-fi adventure and choose sides: As Raiders, they will fight their way through four huge and thrilling cooperative campaigns and liberate the fabled Broken Planet from the invading factions. But beware of the Antagonists: players who have thrown their lot in with the enemy and whose sole objective is to ruin the Raiders’ missions.

With the transition to a F2P business model, Spacelords has undergone a total redesign of its progression system to accommodate both veteran and new players alike. When entering the game for the first time, new users will access one of the four available campaigns and play it to completion before accessing the next one. Along the way, they will recruit and customize the most dangerous outlaws, rogues and renegades the galaxy has to offer with over 70 unique weapons and over 500 Character Cards to customize to their preference.

Raiders of the Broken Planet veterans will keep all the progress and ingame currency they have unlocked so far, and players who have invested in one or more campaigns will be compensated with one exclusive Elite Skin for each campaign they have purchased*.

“We are extremely grateful to the loyal fans who have supported the game so far,” adds Álvarez. “Spacelords is now a much better game and that is thanks to the valuable feedback from our community. The emotional 4th Campaign Launch Trailer is MercurySteam’s sincere homage to those fans.”

Witness a new game being reborn today. Spacelords is available now as a new and exciting Free to Play gaming experience for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and Windows10. MercurySteam will steadily add new content, including characters, weapons and skins in the following months.

* Rewards dependent on platform owners’ terms and conditions