Yoshio Sakamoto introduces new features for Metroid: Samus Returns

In this Dev Diary, the father of the Metroid series talks about the collaboration between Nintendo and MercurySteam and how this brings a fresh and exciting vision to the classic series.

Yoshio Sakamato, executive officer at Nintendo and co-creator of Metroid talks in depth about the latest game in the classic Metroid series developed in collaboration with MercurySteam and how this union is bringing a new perspective and exciting gameplay that will surprise and delight Metroid fans everywhere.

This game is based on Metroid 2: Return of Samus, released in 1991 for Game Boy but adds many new and unexpected twists like 360-degree shooting, a great melee counter for parrying enemy attacks or the brand new Aeion abilities that give special skills to Samus.

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