⚠️QuickFix Patch: Valeria’s Earthling⚠️

Here we come with some good news: Valeria’s Earthling Fix Patch is available now! It will reduce the excessive number of projectiles the weapon released when shooting. Please write to us via Social Media, email (, or discord if you find any kind of misbehavior regarding this weapon or character! Thank you so much for […]

🏋️More Workout Info!!🏋️‍♂️

When we thought about the “Workout!” special event, the first thing that came to our minds was, of course, loadout creation and configuration. Our main goal was to draw players to characters they never used before. That way they’ll turn up more competitive against a variety of situations and increase your guild score in this clash cycle! […]


The first GUILD CLASH has finished! (Cortez Voice)* Let’s check out how you did! HANGING BY A THREAD SPACEGUILD SCORE Chacota Divina 505 E.D.E.N 412 Raiders Justice 408 A LOW BLOW SPACEGUIL SCORE Kilers 281 Actuve Warriors  279 Raiders Justice 231   IN MEDIA RES SPACEGUILD SCORE Raiders Justice 205 CONTRA 173 Chocolateblancos 100   […]

⚠️Update on the GAME’S STATE ⚠️

As some of you might know by now, Valeria’s Earthling is not working as it should. It’s important to highlight that it’s not a balance-related issue. That it’s due to a bug, regarding damage and projectiles. We are currently working on a fix and we’ll be releasing a hotfix patch in the next two days. […]


The GREAT CLASH is finally here! As you guys already know, it is based on 4 weekly cycles per month. Weekly cycles will start on Wednesday and will last until Monday of next week. We’ll announce every Tuesday, the campaign that will host the Clash and the last week’s winners. By achieving a victory on […]


Lads, and gentlewoman, here are the Patch Notes for the UPDATE 21: THE GREAT CLASH: Introduction of the great clash cycle: – Cycles will start on Wednesday and end on Monday next week. – We’ll announce the campaign that will host the clash every Tuesday. – Get the higher score to have your guild’s emblem […]

🎨 September COMMUNITY ART!! 🎨

  Want to brag about being the arty one in your family? Well, welcome to Spacelords’ digital museum! 😏 We change the exhibition every month so you better hurry to click on the link down here 👇👇    

️ Notes about the Great Clash!

Hello everyone! Fancy news! Next week, on Wednesday the 16th we’ll be releasing THE GREAT CLASH: an amazing update in which you’ll be able to fight other guilds to earn your spot on the Broken Planet! Do you wonder how does it work? We got you covered! The great clash is a monthly competition between all […]

🔥100% MMR Partners Challenge!🔥

It was hell, as you guys demanded and expected xD Did you miss it? Don’t worry! Our partners got you covered! Click here to watch @TheBrentWoody ‘s video!   Click here to watch @MaccDB’s video!  Wanna participate in CRAZY challenges just like this one? We have an amazing partner program waiting for you! Send us a […]