️ Notes about the Great Clash!

Hello everyone!

Fancy news! Next week, on Wednesday the 16th we’ll be releasing THE GREAT CLASH: an amazing update in which you’ll be able to fight other guilds to earn your spot on the Broken Planet! Do you wonder how does it work? We got you covered!

The great clash is a monthly competition between all the Spaceguilds of the game. It is based on 4 weekly cycles per month. Weekly cycles will start on Wednesday and will last until Monday of next week.

If you want to participate, check both our news and our Social Media channels every Tuesday to know which missions are going to host the Clash. By playing on these maps, you’ll automatically win points for your Guild. The Spaceguild that achieves to score higher on them will see their emblem displayed IN-GAME for a whole month.

Got a second position? The Clash will restart at the end of the month, so you still have a chance to win!


*Note that no obscene flag emblems will be published.


Upcoming content:

As said previously on yesterday’s streaming, these last weeks have been quite the testing ground for us. And the data has spoken. Special weekends were quite a success! So we decided to take steps towards that direction!

We are going to create more (and wilder) 72 hours events for you guys to enjoy every month! Here’s the schedule of the fist 5 Special Weekends!

These are just a sneaky peek of what’s coming next! As soon as the event release date approaches, we’ll publish more info on our Social Media Channels. So hit that Follow button!

Farewell Spacelords!